Below are our current projects, last updated November 27, 2014. Please use the comment form at the bottom of this page for suggestions, etc.

  • History of the Flint Coney – When we first started this site we’d posted the history of the Flint Coney as we understood it at that time. As we’ve gotten deeper into that history, we’ve stumbled across a wealth of information that hasn’t been previously uncovered. We’re making sense of all that and might possibly release it as the real definitive work on the subject. How broad a work that might end up being remains to be seen.
  • Canning – There are certainly good methods for preserving meat-based products, particulary when canning chili con carne. We’re going to find out if the same method might be used for preserving authentic Flint Coney sauce. If so, it might be made suitable for travel, camping, or other activities.
  • Food Photography – Some of the pics on this site aren’t as nice as we’d like. As we now have a 21Mb camera we’ll be reworking some of the recipes for better images that are more representative of how nice these items really are to enjoy. We’ll include other pics as we find the time, and travel as needed.
  • Flint Coney Font – The hand-painted sign on the front of Simion Brayan’s Flint Coney Island shop in 1924 had a particular look to it. We’re attempting to recreate that lettering as a TrueType font.

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