Page Proofs

The page proofs showed up from the publisher yesterday afternoon. The book has come in at 176 pages. I can already see one error, in that the back cover image credit is missing from the copyright page. These are the kinds of errors I need to search out and create a list of, returning the list by Monday, January 10th. Yes, I did go grab more bourbon …

No Further Changes

My book “The Flint Coney: A Savory History” is now in the hands of a page designer at The History Press. I’ll get the page proofs for approval, but will no longer be able to make any changes. After 12 years of research and writing, it’s an anxious thing to no longer be able to work on this manuscript. But … It’s time to let it go. Publishing will happen in the spring of 2022. Oy …

“The Flint Coney: A Savory History”

The approved cover for my upcoming book.

On October 5, 2021, my upcoming book “The Flint Coney: A Savory History” was handed off to Production at The History Press. I’ve been working on this project in various renditions for eight years now, and it’s rather strange to be told “No, you can’t make any changes now until copy editing begins, which will likely be in early 2022.” I’ve started this blog as a place to list some of the current happenings in my continued research … Nothing major, merely a number of additions that have already begun to stack up.

In the meantime, Welcome!