Color Maps for “The Flint Coney: A Savory History”

One of the issues with publishing a book such as “The Flint Coney: A Savory History” is that printing color pages costs considerably more than black-and-white, or even greyscale. The processes generally happen separately, and collating occurs as a third process after both print processes, prior to binding.

To keep the cost of “The Flint Coney: A Savory History” as low as possible, the maps on pages 103 to 105 were printed in greyscale. Below are 8-1/2 x 11″ versions of those maps from the original Illustrator files, in full color as a PDF. You’re welcome to download and print these maps for your own use, but not for distribution without express written permission.

updated January 12, 2022
Download the PDF


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